Doug Heslep

Doug's most heartfelt desire had always been to capture his artistic visions and present them on canvas. 
Thriving on his ability to express with camera in hand, and sharing the results, always has made him the most content. Ironically life dictated a different path, and the late 80's he was put into a situation to where he had to capitalize on the skills derived from his college undergraduate and graduate studies in photography and 
concentrate his efforts towards the commercial side of his profession. Mostly in part because Doug raised
his son, Alex, as a single dad from the age of 14 months, and the luxury of being a starving artist was a lifestyle
he knew he couldn't afford. Subsequently his fine art career was delayed until his son went off to college in 2002.

 "The first exhibition of my photographic fine art was August 10, 1990, as part of a multi-artist gallery exhibit
Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa in Fort Myers, Florida.  Due to pursuing my commercial studio, so as
not to live the life of a 'starving artist', which wasn't a responsible way of raising a son as a single parent,
it took fourteen years until my next exhibit... November 20th, 2004. 
The Doug Heslep Fine Art Collection has been a "works in progress" for a very long time, starting well before that first show in 1990.  

The journey isn't over yet."


"I live and breathe my creations. They come from within, more times spontaneous than not, 
 with intent to convey on canvas the energy I was experiencing as it happened in front of me. 
I try to identify completely with each image I create. Investing myself completely, without
hesitation, experiencing it over and over, examining every detail, striving for perfection". 


All imagery/graphics found in this website/blog are copyrighted by Doug Heslep, 2004-2016.